Types of canoes

There are different types of canoes, and canoeing is a great activity that can be done by a person of any age, whether old or. The canoe was the fastest means of ancient days while with the current works and technology people use cars and only use canoes for recreational purposes.

There are different types of canoes, but before you start looking at that, you should at least know how to canoe, and this is because if you are not trained, you may not be able to notice the differences. Below is a list of types of canoes to help you chosen among the options.

Whitewater canoes

It’s known as whitewater canoes because it is meant for river paddling and whitewater. One of the common features of this canoe is that its sides are high so as to prevent water from coming in. It also has a rocker; its bottom is flat to allow the boat to turn quickly and makes it able to paddle straight.

Recreational Canoe

These are the most common types of Canoes, and this is because they are durable and stable. Most of them are

Aluminum and if not so, then plastic

To find these canoes, visit sporting stores, and if you need one to paddle with on local or small lakes, a recreational canoe is the best. You won’t regret purchasing them because they are long-lasting and don’t damage if left outside.

Racing Canoes

They have been there since the year 1924; racing Canoes are light in weight and faster. The rare is made of fiberglass and many other materials. One of its special features is that they are narrow and can move in any kind of place.

These are the most common types of canoes that were used before and still are used up to date. They were specifically meant for camping, fishing, and traveling from place to place.